To the Dreamer on the Edge

Some say you made the right decision at the wrong time.

Some say you shouldn’t have made that decision at all.

You are, of course, entitled to your own judgment; whether it is the best or worst decision for some is entirely irrelative of your own mission. You have taken a step to the place where your heart truly belongs, even if that meant sacrificing many of the things that has kept you in your comfort zone for so long. You are now about to embark on a journey of endless ups and downs, away from the cozy yet menial life you had before.

But you’re happy. Your eyes sparkle from all the excitement, your heart beats at an inexplicably fast rate, and there is finally that feeling of elation you haven’t had in years. It’s like dating your crush for the first time: there’s a rush, a spark, and a glimmer of hope. Everything seems possible, simply because you believe it is. And it is.

But somewhere along the road, its charm will fade. Your beautiful, golden aspiration that once shined and sparkled will gather dust. It will lose the luster it once had. You will get tired of taking it with you everywhere you go, because lugging a dream as big as yours is not an easy task. People will tell you to just take half of it. Some will ask you to just put it down and get a new one. You will grow weary and ask if everything you did for your dream was really worth it.

But please, dear dreamer, do not give up.

There is a reason as to why you are there, standing halfway through the road you chose to take. A road deemed impractical by many but has changed your life in meaningful and significant ways. It’s hard and seemingly impossible to see the end, but know in your heart that nothing good in our lives ever comes easy. As clichéd as it may sound, you are there for a reason. Please do not stop now.

Dear dreamer, I salute you. I know that when you left your previous life, you also gave up a lot of things–comfort, assurance, and even security. You were brave enough to face a new chapter in your life, and for that alone, you deserve my congratulations. While quitting seems to have a negative connotation for some, I know that it has a better meaning to you more than anyone else.

Thank you for quitting the right things at the right time. Thank you for making the people around you see how much your dream meant to you, enough so that you are willing to venture a world unknown even without the assurance of being wildly successful in it. Thank you for taking the first step for everyone else.

Thank you for inspiring others to do the same.


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