Julyt Up My Life!

It’s August, but hey, stories don’t have expiration dates!

As all things are with my life, the past month was pretty uneventful. People are always quick to respond to that with a quick ‘No, your life is exciting, you just have to look harder’. I appreciate that, but sometimes that’s how adult life is–you create your own excitement. It doesn’t come to you.

So even if I didn’t do anything ~relevant~ during the past month, I will still shower this post with some photos BECAUSE I CAN. Hah. I love the adult life even if it doesn’t like me back (I assume that it is disgusted with me).

July 2


Back story: I went to San Juan to watch an ‘indie’ movie with the office mates, only to find out that the next screening was at 11pm. (Whut?) This is a shot I took inside the taxi while we were on our way to Megamall to catch some grub. I ended up not watching the movie.

July 4


Back story: I thought of my crush, so I wrote him a letter on a whiteboard. I had to erase it afterward because someone was about to use the conference room. Also, because none of my coworkers deserve to know the emo raging inside me. #fayerebels

July 5


Back story: Had a spontaneous dinner with the homies/friends/officemates. This was taken at Nook Cafe in Maginhawa, a Harry Potter-themed coffee shop. Look at me rocking those glasses! (Side note: I’m actually a Hufflepuff, but the robes were nowhere in sight so I had to be a Gryffindor. D:)

July 7


A #flatlay photo I took during a late night I spent at the office.

July 8


The homies’ birthday cake slices from the office! That’s Mica on the left and Juvy on the right. I ended up eating Mica’s share because she was on leave wahaha

July 14


Some ~artsy~ shot I took of Juvy.

July 15


Went to le friend’s house (condo unit) to eat chicken and pasta. I saw this gem scrawled on her bedroom window. Naturally, I had to take a photo.

July 16


Went to Lilac to eat with le friends. I also met a new friend, KC!

July 18


Took a leave of absence from work because my chest hurt like hell. The doctors told me I was fine, but I totally wasn’t. Haha. Read more about my experience here.

July 19


Was back at the office, ate some good pizza at Leona Art Restaurant with Mica.

July 22


Ate maki and had coffee with this girl.

July 23


Had an irritating experience with someone I barely knew. Read more about it here.

July 24


Joice graduated from SOL 1! Woohoo! #lifegroup

July 29


A little pissed. Was also infected by a virus. Coughing like mad.

July 30






Finally had that long overdue date with my best friend, Honey. It’s funny because when we saw each other, it was like time hadn’t passed by. We still adored the same things, laughed at the same jokes, liked the same people. We reminisced, ate some good food, walked along Maginhawa (that was a pretty long street, you guys), and enjoyed coffee and books together. Looking back, I was glad that we became friends, and I know that what we have is something that I can cherish for a lifetime. (Wowwww hanep drama haha)

July 31





Finally capped off the month by having dinner with my favorite people. 🙂

The adult life is finally getting to me, and to be honest, I like it! It’s still something that I need to get used to, granted, but learning a new thing or two every now and then is not so bad. Also, I liked that my purchasing power is now stronger than ever! Haha

So, yeah. I hope this photo dump made sense. If you’re also a twentysomething with stories to share, feel free to hit me up so we can talk about them! #titamode

Until my next update, whenever that is. 😀



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