#WriteIn2017: A Flamin’ First Week


This is the only good photo I have from last week.


My first week of breaking out and diving in was on fire.

And I don’t mean that on a positive note. Everything, from my set schedules to my breakfast plans, were consumed by fire and left in ashes. To put everything mildly, I was a wreck during the past week.

Starting a new habit is pretty freaking hard. Waking up at 6 a.m. alone took all of my strength for the entire week so  that when Friday finally rolled around, I was already too exhausted to think of getting up early, let alone making breakfast. (I want tocino so bad…)

I wanted to punch myself last night for not trying new stuff. In my mind, I was organized and deliberately changing my life. Reality, however, has proven otherwise.

Nevertheless, I don’t see any point in giving up. Better to have failed once than to give up completely because a single thing didn’t go according to plan.

To compensate for the lack of new things I’ve tried, I am now attempting to draft a schedule so I can create an overview of the stuff I should be doing, such as:

  1. Wake up early.
  2. Make breakfast for myself and the people at home.
  3. Follow the fitness plan I’ve subscribed to (It looks too difficult tbh)
  4. Cook a dish that isn’t pesto pasta, or ramyeon with different vegetables.
  5. Learn how to properly make kimbap.
  6. Get a haircut.

These things are pretty normal and can be easily accomplished within a month, but nothing is too easy when you are so used to sleeping in and doing nothing. (I lack so much sleep I almost dozed off while typing this. My body clock is a troll.)

But I did open a savings account a few weeks back, so there’s something new and useful. At least I’m saving money… or am I?

Also, I want to buy a new headset for our home computer because I’m planning to teach from home. I could have easily done that in the office, but I feel really embarrassed when there are people around who can hear my loud and annoying teacher voice. I figured it would be easier for me to teach in an environment that I am more comfortable with.

That’s it for now. If there are other things you think I should try, please leave a comment on this post and I’ll see what I can do! Send me an e-mail as well and let’s talk. 🙂

See you on Saturday!


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