I like the internet, but I don’t like everyone who uses it.

I blog. I write because that’s how I am–my knack for incessant chatter is endless. I like daydreams, but I also like the real stuff. If they will ever happen to me, anyway. I like pictures. Whether it’s a snapshot of myself or an image of a beautiful tropical sunset, I really don’t care. What matters is I managed to take a photo of something in its golden moment.

My handwriting is messy. Contrary to popular belief, I find keyboards and monitors comforting. Notebooks just make my ideas look unorganized, and it makes me feel as if I have to begin writing the piece all over again. Sorry if you find my ways unorthodox.

I like food. I’ve always wanted to live healthy, but I guess it would still take some doing.

I like travelling, simply because I want to escape a lot of things.

I don’t like saying things about myself, so I think I should stop here.

See you outside.

Unprofessionally yours,



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